Monday, 1 September 2008

poem for my Mum RIP

The Secret.
Give me a moment of your precious time.
I want to tell you a secret.
You won’t have to wait long,
I won’t keep you in suspense.
I know, I see, I observe your breathing.

There isn’t much time to let it out
What I’ve never told before.
It won’t be a secret for long but you’ll never tell, I know.
Look closely can you see me?
Listen carefully can you hear me?
Don’t go yet I haven’t told you what I want to say,
But once I do I fear you’ll go.
Do you want to hear it?
I guess it’s not important but I need to tell you.
I love you.
I’ve only told you once then I watch you fade away
I hold you in my heart, even though you broke it
I hear you in my head.

I see you in my dreams.
Do you watch me?
Can you see me?
Never again to speak, never again to touch.
Do you remember?
I told you a secret.

My Mum died when I was 23 and I never told her I loved her until she was dying, in fact she was unconscious when I said it so I never knew if she heard me or not. I still can't believe it til this day that she is gone.

random poem

I’ll be sleeping.

You give me your heart and I’ll hold it in my hand,
You give me your soul and I’ll take it to another land.
I’ll give you my smile for you to remember,
I’ll give you my kiss so warm and so tender.
I’ll take away you pain and throw it out to sea,
I’ll take away your loneliness because now you’re next to me.
If only in my sleep can I hold you in?
Then I shall stay asleep forever.
Apart again we shall be, never.
Tell me when it’s time.
For then I’ll know that you are mine.