Thursday, 15 January 2009


There is a constant in our lives that has now been taken away forever. The door was always open and the kettle was always on.

We shared love, laughter, good times and bad. Memories such as sunday dinners, sleep overs, ten pee mixes, fresh veg out of grandads garden and freshly baked cakes will be with us forever. Granny shared everything she had with anyone at any time and would give you her last penny if she thought you needed it.

She was known in the village by a lot of people and I'm sure her presence will be sadly missed.

Granny loved her children, Carol, Wendy and Linda. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was an animal lover and there were always animals around. They would come to her doorstep and never left. A safe and warm place to live out their lives.

She will now be with her beloved husband John, father, grandad and great grandad and Carol, our mum, granny to Edison and Hope, who she sadly never met. Sister to Linda and Wendy, Aunty, and wife of Les our dad.

Together now for eternity. Forever in our hearts and in our precious memories. This may be the end of an era but it was an era full of joy.