Saturday, 25 December 2010

For once I agree with the Archbishop!!

I've changed my attitude to Christmas this year completely. Maybe it's because I'm skint, maybe it's because I've had a change of heart about it all. Something happened this year that made me change the way I feel about things in general. I'm not materialistic as such. I like nice things but we've never had money to throw around on expensive kit. In the past we have spent a fortune on each other but then just fills our houses with more tech and chargers.
This year we have bought ourselves, for Christmas and our birthdays, a weekend away to a log cabin and I cannot wait to just chill out with the family for 3 days.
It's been a manic year really. Lots of fundraising and no holiday together, so this weekend will be just for us on a mini holiday. Money and time have been tight so we never managed much time away this year at all.
One thing I have realised is that the gifts of charity and compassion go much further than jewellery, or something that won't last more than a week. Charity and compassion cost nothing but a little effort.

Last night the unit was busy with some very poorly patients, as you would expect, but these patients have been really really sick. Sad cases, young patients critically ill. Nervous families unsure what they should be doing on Christmas eve whilst their loved one is so sick
and hanging on to life by a thread at the mercy of medical care. Thankfully they made it through the night but at the last minute a young lady was bought in having given birth prematurely to her baby at 32 weeks because of a treatable flu. It breaks my heart. I actually watched midnight mass last night and prayed for a young mans life and I sit at home in comfort with my family overindulging, thinking about these people.

I felt awful that my child would wake up without me there but in perspective the sick folk and my colleagues were in more need than my overindulged daughter!! I hope she can grow up with empathy and compassion and realise that Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give a little more of ourselves and think a little less about ourselves for once.
Merry Christmas x x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

this time last year

This time 2 years ago, granny died. I was spending the day with a man I should not have been with. Someone who didn't really care what was going on. Who knows what he wanted out of me?

A year later I was spending time alone at home with flu while this man took another lover. I was heart broken and confused and suspicious. I was right.

This year, my husband has taken me back and I'm baking cakes to raise money for 3 women's cancer charities. I'm not wallowing in grief and self pity. I miss Gran more than ever but I know she's in a better place. Like me. A much better place.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

ho Hum

Well, I cannot believe it's Christmas in almost a week. Still got things to do and not getting them done!!

Mainly because I can't be bothered! Another reason is I haven't time. Working quite a lot recently and it takes it out of me with little energy or time left for the mundaneties. we have to cram everything into 2 days it's mad.

Next week involves a lot of baking. I've decided to give cakes and cookies as presents to the adults as I'm too skint for presents. But it takes a lot of time to do. I enjoy doing it but not under pressure. Tuesday is another Women v cancer cake sale so I'll be baking from Sunday for that! A few early mornings and long days coming up interspersed with night shifts!

At least I am on holiday the week after new year and we are going to a log cabin near here for some r and r. We rarely get time together as a family thanks to my husbands place of work. I am grateful he has a job but they dictate our life's completely, it makes me so cross! I hope it's as good as it looks!!!

My next baking adventure is whoopie pies. Supposed to be the next big thing after cupcakes. And much easier to do, if you get them right!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Made it back alive.

Well, I made it back from Scotland alive. My car was eventually freed by a tow from Richards friend, thank goodness but it's now making a decidedly funny noise so needs looking at. Which will no doubt cost money! Money that I haven't got. It's quite busy at work so there is extra shifts but it's trying to fit them in without missing out on too much sleep......

It was lovely being away from home in a way as I forgot all about bills, money, work, how much I have to do etc etc and now I'm back it's all back again. Its not the same cleaning your own house as it is cleaning someone else's that's for sure. I hate cleaning my own yet didn't mind doing Trudy's house as I knew how grateful she would be that it was clean and tidy when she got back. The stack of ironing in the lounge is enough to send me running alone!!!

I also dread the prospect of doing so many nights. They leave me feeling absolutely rubbish and then it impacts on my home life and I have a short fuse and get really grumpy and cannot be bothered to get dressed let alone do anything else!

I do love this weather if we were prepared for it like other countries are. My car certainly doesn't like this weather at all. The cats aren't so keen either and we've had to put cat litter tray down again as they keep pee'ing in the house!! It was -15 when I came home from work yesterday morning and one of the little blighters had pee'd on the settee!! The cushions of the settee are huge and it had gone all the way through! Little bugger.

My hubby was off yesterday so we decided to go out for a bit together as we haven't seen a great deal of each other recently. Nipped to Costco where I bought some supplies for the cake sale in a couple of weeks time. Then I couldn't get what I needed so we headed into town. I was dressed for the Arctic and the Westfield centre is always overheated so I could only last an hour there before melting! We then had an impromptu visit to the pub and had fish and chips for lunch and I had a lovely big glass of Malbec! Needless to say when I got home I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until 10p.m! My poor daughter has hardly seen me in a week and won't be too chuffed that I have to go to work tonight either and potentially tomorrow as well!!

Still when the devil drives..........

Friday, 3 December 2010


Today is freezing everywhere I think but I can see some sign s of a melt happening.
The boys are falling out every hour or so and I think that's normal? I wouldn't know I only have one child! The little girl is a sweety and much better today. No chundering and being cute and cheeky. I love her Scottish accent. So cute. I've painted her nails, not sure mum would approve but there's always nail varnish remover 8-0
The boys are meant to be going for a sleep over if Rich's friend can make it without too much hassle. If not I may be in for a tricky evening!!! Bribery may be the way forward I feel!
I'm very much making myself at home here. I'm drinking their booze, eating their food, wearing the lady of the houses socks and cardigans (s'ok she's my best mate) wearing the man of the houses slippers, my feet are like blocks if ice!! Good job they have a new washing machine or I'd have to wear her pants and jeans! Well I wouldn't actually as she is 2 sizes smaller than me! Wouldn't that be a hoot. I'd have to wear Richards extra large track suit bottoms. Gorgeous!! Perish the thought.
I was going to attempt a trip to the cinema but it's bloomin freezing and slippy out there. I'm bad enough on 2 feet without adding ice to the picture!!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mamma Mia

Here we go again.....rudely awoken by the eldest children shouting 'she's gonna puke, Nita, she's gonna puke'! Which sure enough she did. Poor wee sausage.
Luckily a friend of Richards (the man if the house) came over to entertain the boys a bit and bless him, he cleared the drive for me to try and get my car on it as the streets ate chocker with snow. I went down to
Move my car but no avail. The tyres just skid like a dog on Lino. I daren't move it in case it gets stuck in a worse place. At least it's not in the way there. Knead hoping to be able to nip to the shop for a sneaky bottle of plonk! Port again tonight!!

The boys came back from the park and were more hyper than yesterday! Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get out to somewhere as long as Edie is not being sick we should be able to. Only 2 more days to try and entertain them thankfully. We had dominoes pizza for a treat tonight, how expensive??? The boys asked for pepperoni but actually only Finlay likes it so the other 2 picked the sausage off then didn't actually eat it anyway!

They shall have it for lunch and tea tomorrow as well!

Edie wanted to watch Mamma Mia yet again so we subjected to that. If I didn't know the words to Abba songs then I do now!!
There is supposed to be more snow tonight :-/ and it's really comd out there which won't be good if it freezes as it's harder to drive on frozen snow :-@ looks like I may be here for some time!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

House arrest

Well today started out with sick! Cocoa pops consumed then advent calendar sweet then little girl heads upstairs to the boys bedroom and puked on the duvet and the shag pile rug!!lovely. Wouldn't be so bad but no washing machine in the house. That was due to be delivered today a d considering there had been another 4 inches of snow overnight, I thought it was highly unlikely it would be here today. So I set about washing the sick off what I could before number one son puked from the smell of it.
Ithen went out to clear the path just in case the delivery guys managed to get here as the path up to the house is high and lots of steps and slippy!
Just as I was clearing the path the delivery men arrived and bless them they managed to get the machine in and plumbed it in and the old one out! I gave them cake to take with them as they refused a cuppa because there was so many other deliveries to do, they didn't have time.
Yay now I Can wash pukey stuff!
Went out to finish clearing the path when grandparents arrived with much needed milk and bread and other goodies!
Hurrah successful day!
Only thing missing is vino! Thought it may be a bit inappropriate to ask the grandparents to stick a bottle of cab sav in!!

Oh well there is always a snifter or 2 of port to be had :-)