Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Don't call me stupid.

So this is making the rounds on facebook at the mo by dog lovers. 
It's got me rattled. Why? I own a doodle. He's beautiful and we love him and we paid a few quid for him. Does that make me stupid? No it doesn't. 
It means we chose a puppy rather than a rescue. I've had both. A rescue and digs from puppies. The rescue caused me a heck of a lot of stress and a hell of a lot of money. 
The doodle cost less. And is a lot less stress. Don't get me wrong. I agree with rescuing totally. But it's not for everyone. 
Most rescue dogs can't be around kids and or cats but puppies can. 
And a lot of doodles have made a lot of people happy. I do not endorse puppy mills or overbreeding or breeders who breed without a waiting list. 
I'm not a fan of the kennel club either for a lot of reasons. So I don't need my dog to be a pedigree. I've had crosses before and called them crosses as I know what parents were. A mongrel is a breed of unknown origin and bred with lots of other breeds along the line. 
What we need to stop is puppy farms and overbreeding. Not condemning dog lovers by calling them stupid for having a cross they chose on purpose for the breed and temperament. 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tired beyond words.

There's a new name for chronic fatigue syndrome. It's going to refered to as 'systemic exertion intolerance disease' SEID  for short.
Whilst I agree with the exertion intolerance I'm not keen on it being a disease. Illness maybe but disease? Disease pertains to a slowly progressive illness rather than something that can possibly get better. 

Not many people believe this thing exists or that the person who has it is just lazy. Well let me tell you different. Imagine you've been awake and working 3 days and nights straight and you cannot lift a finger with tiredness? How would you feel? 
Like shit? More than likely? Thinking straight? I doubt it. Able to handle any stress? Possibly not. The list goes on. 
Likening SEID to laziness is like likening being sad with depression. 
Not even in the same league! 
From personal experience it's horrendous. It sucks the life out of you. It can make you depressed. It can lose you your friends and family, your job, your home. The list is endless. 
It sucks the life out of you. So many people have it yet it can be hard to get diagnosed because GP's don't believe it exists. The symptoms don't fit anything and 'you need to try harder'. 
It isn't that simple or easy. 
Certain things make it worse, stress, illness, working and ignorance amongst other things. Even being in an unsupportive relationship can make it much worse. 
If you ever feel the need to laugh off someone or belittle them for being diagnosed with SEID then just for a second could you turn that thinking round and think 'thank goodness I don't have that'. 
It does exist. I am proof. If you think I'm lying then swap places with me with pleasure!!