Friday, 30 April 2010

Blasphemous rumours

It just isn't fair is it? There I am struggling at times with dark thoughts of suicide and death and how I can't go on and another women in the country, my home town, my street is being diagnosed with cancer. How bloody fair is that? I wanted to die and they don't.

Well, I didn't really want to die. I wanted the emptiness to end. I wanted to find a way out. What choice does a person with a diagnosis of cancer have? None. They can stay positive and hopeful but they are at the mercy of the gp, to get the right specialist in time. The specialist, the surgeon, the radiographer, the nurses, the hospital etc etc the list goes on.

What am I at the mercy of? Myself and the doctor who prescibes the drugs, albeit the right drugs. The sepcialist if i need to see one. That's it, that's all I have to battle.

How very unfair.

Glutten for punishment

Well I ran albeit on the treadmill for 5 k's today. And it nearly killed me!! Well thats a little dramatic but I was feeling a little faint!!
The race for life is in 10 days time and I'm determined to run it all. We'll see how I get on. Then it's the moon walk in Edinburgh and then I can finally get my teeth into biking!!!

I love covering loads of miles and seeing tons of things and places and it gives me such a buzz, plus I sometimes get to call in at the pub. Always a bonus!

My bike has a sticker on it which says 'runs on apples and bananas'. Mine should say 'runs on merlot and curry'!!!

Napolean Dynamite Dance Original