Saturday, 22 May 2010

Man or woman???

When I was a child Mum insisted on giving me snd my brother the same hair cuts. Short back and sides. I was often mistaken for a boy then. So I grew my hair and had what I thought was this beautiful head of blonde hair. Then mum made me have it 'trimmed' then it went frizzy and dark :-(
Starting senior school is always a but traumatic but I hated it. I was given enough money every day to get a proper dinner. So I'd eat properly but the girls I went in with would eat really quickly and leave me to finish mine alone and I'd sometimes be subjected to sitting with older kids who would snicker and make jokes so I would leave my dinner and walk round til the bell went and back to class. The final straw came in the dinner when a boy in my brothers year asked 'are you a boy or a girl?' and I was standing in the queue alone humiliated. He knew who I was and knew damn well I was a girl(partly because the skirt gave it away). I couldn't eat my dinner that day as I had a lump in my throat which felt the size of a tennis ball trying not to cry. I stopped going in for lunch after that.

I bloody hated school. Kids are so mean!!
When I started my nurse training I had dyed blonde hair, longish and kept that for quite sone time with not much bother. It's not until I cut it off and darken it that the trouble begins.
I had it really short and black once and at the local shop the assistant asked ' what CSM I get you sir?' I was mortified. Not long after that I went away for a TA weekend to try it out. Again I got called a 'lad' and when I complained one of the guys on the trial weekend said 'well, you shouldn't dress like a bloke then'. I had a fleece and trousers on!

Whilst travelling in Scotland with an ex of mine, his sister and her friend (they both had long hair and were very slim)we went into a pub and were greeted by the locals. All were half cut and it was only 2 in the afternoon. One guy asked my ex 'which one if these 2 beauties us yours then?'. He looked at the floor in shame and said 'actually I'm with her' and pointed to
me. I had a woolley hat on as it was freezing so I looked crap anyway and hadn't bothered with makeup either. The other 2 girls were made up with their hair done looking good. The guy laughed and asked if my ex was desperate! I went off and hid in the corner minus the hat snd left them at the bar. After a few minutes the guy pipes up ' actually she's not so bad son if she made something of herself like'.

A lot of people have also said that they have been surprised on seeing my husband and didn't expect him to be 'quite so trendy and good looking'. What does that say about me then???

Most recently, just when I think all the 'bloke' comments are out the way I get another. I was on my bike going to see him at his work and one of the staff said 'who's this bloke coming up the drive on a bike?' no wonder dad didn't introduce me and made me go and sit in the garde

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