Monday, 17 May 2010

Panic attacks and bad dreams.

It's not going too well. It doesn't help I haven't been out on my bike much for days. And I should be in bed now in fact after my night shift but I searching for bike parts I can't afford.

I'm skint and so is everyone else. Saturdays carboot sale proved that. I raised a whopping £29.00 woo hoo, not. 6 hours and 29 quid. Better than nothing but still I was hoping for more. People were haggling over a few pence even after I said it was for charity. Some people were generous but I think I was hoping for a bit more. Most of the ladies in the 2 groups are doing very well with the fundraising. I am barely scraping 200 quid. People have pledged money and are giving me stuff to sell but i really was thinking I might be a little further on in the money stakes.

It's going to be a tough year me thinks.

On a brighter note I actually rather enjoyed the carboot sale and enjoyed somerather yummy home made chutney on my burger from a stall near me. I could hear them talking about about the products to interested parties and it was making my mouth water so I was really grateful when my OH turned up and bought me a burger and a brew and allowed me a pee break!

I sold a stair gate on Ebay and the lady who bought it picked it up and paid for it and gave me a donation then I saw she had already paid so I gave her money back. She kindly offered to let me keep it. How sweet is that?

Everyones broke I know that but I'm really nervous no-one will come to my 'waxing night' and I'll look daft.

People are talking about it a bit at work so that's reassuring.

I also need to do some off road work but my bike is a city bike unsuitable for that. I don't have any cash for another bike so may have to borrow the OH's. His is so uncomfortable though. Saddle like a razor.

I love my bike and it's not bad off road on trails. I guess the only way to find out is try it!!


l'optimiste said...

oi - chill baby! Don't panic! we have lots of time. I am totally skint too - no job since December [eek!!] apart from some cleaning - which is good, as it's helping me get fit [it's serious cleaning!]

I'm stressing that no-one will come to the Fairy Cakes in the Garden thing - I think we're all the same. Imagine...I'll have 3 billion fairy cakes, and egg on my face ;o)

And £29.00 is better than a poke in the eye with a plastic daff innit? heh heh - we have time.

I have yet to get on my bike!!!

purpletrumpet said...

Tis all true!
I'ma bit more chilled about it at the mo. Everyone is skint too which doesn't help. We need to make friends with rich people!!!
Where are they all?
I was looking at the houses I cycled past yesterday and all the work being done on them and thinking 'where do these people get their money from'?

work have cut extra hours too so i can't get to do any extra shifts. good old nhs spending too much money on agency staff and management, as usual!

29 quid is much better than a poke in the eye indeed and i did rather enjoy it but i did have grander expectations.

I shall lower my expectations and then I may have a nice surprise!