Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bad times

I having a bad time time at the moment. Life seems really hard and for no particular reason I have hit a brick wall.

My fybromyaligia is playing up big time so I'm in a lot of pain and have no energy. I feel like I have constant overwhelming PMT. I'm irritable, can't sleep, either too hot or too cold, restless, in agony, feel sick and dizzy.

The pain is a constant but everything else comes and goes. My head hurts, my teeth hurt, my gums, my neck, my back, my stomach and no amount of pain relief helps. And my 'dancing legs' are going mad all the time and driving me nuts!!

I can't even think about exercising at the mo and I'm trying to lose weight so have started a diet, which doesn't help me when I'm feeling dizzy or faint but to put even more weight on would be awful.

I just need some time out from it all I think then I'll be right as rain, I hope.

I've been overdoing it I think and just had a relapse so a holiday will do me good.

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