Friday, 2 December 2011

Post Kenya blues.

Well, the blues have well truly hit me. I knew I'd feel bad but not quite this bad!!
I have this dreadful apathy hanging over me at the mo. I'm prone to apathy I know and I hate it about myself.
Nothing interests me and I don't want to get on the bike! I was hoping it would be gone by now but it's still hanging about.

Mmmmm. What to do? Well, it's my first whole weekend off with the family since may where I haven't had to go to a bike ride or work or a night out, although it was supposed to be a Group 1 get together this weekend, which unfortunately has been cancelled.

Hence the reason for booking the weekend off. I was worried I would end up working it as my registration has lapsed due to paperwork going to my old address. So I've had to stay off work the last 2 days and I'll lose my pay for everyday I miss until I'm registered again. Which should hopefully be Monday now!

So I have all weekend to spend with the family.

I would like to go to a Christmas fair I think, try and get me in the mood and get me out of this horrid place I'm in right now.

I need to investigate some cafe's too for too!!

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