Saturday, 23 August 2008

washing machine that supposed to switch itself on

Wow got up this morning and the washing machine had performed a miracle! Not only had it chosen to tumble dry everything (ours is a combi one) and I mean dry it like it's never been washed then it decided to switch itself off too to save electricity because (this will be coz from now on although I hate those appreviations but it's so much easier to type) the washing machine knows a) i'm really stingy about wasting electricity and b) it knows I am trying to save the planet! excellent a job well done. Clever washing machine. Saves me the hassle of pegging it out and watching for rain coz if it is pegged out and it gets rained on I will wash it again coz I'm anal like that.

It's saturday so it's sheet washing day. It's the only load of washing I will wash in the day a) because I have only one set I like and if I leave it to wash overnight his nibs (Bruce my beloved) will put on the spare bed linen which I don't like as much and b) I wash it usually when I'm at work that night so I don't have to make it!!!! ha ha

Upon opening the door I realise magic washing machine isn't so magic, what a let down. Finally I thought there was a washing God who magically washed, ironed and put away. Oh well it seems not. I chucked a load of washing down the stairs late last night before I went for a bath and asked his nibs to put it in the washing machine. I nearly added, 'don't forget to put it on' but thought better of it as he's a grown man and all he wouldn't be that stupid........well silly me, again!

He takes the washing, puts it in the machine, puts in the powder.Then what happens? Aliens take over his brain? Gets distracted thinking about his precious x box that's taken 6 weeks to be mended (that's another story). The dogs (who usually he never pays attention to) distract him? What is it? I would love to know. I know sometimes I'm absent minded but that's when I'm doing three jobs at once.

When is someone, whoever it is who is responsible for mens brains, going to put the housework programme in. Evolution has a lot to answer for in recent years but why has this basic function still not available in the male model?

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