Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Neccessary evils.

1. Keys. Can't live without them but they are a pain in the arse. You can never find them (at least I can't!!) You need so many too! and I don't know about you but how many pockets can there be for them to hide in???

2. Wee'ing. Takes up far too much time and it's at the most inconvenient time too. Just get in from the supermarket and dragging in the bags and you're dying for a pee! Why is that? Why do girls always need to pee as soon as they arrive somewhere too. Do our bladders know we have arrived at the destination, the bar or the shops? Think it's a bladder conspiracy. Especially when you have just got comfy in bed and snug and warm and it's cold outside the duvet and your bladder decides to rear it's head!!

3. Bra's. Expensive, and sometimes bloody uncomfortable. But they look good and boys like them but sometimes would be so nice to go without one for the day.....if you're brave enough.

4. Hair. Looks great when it's done but bad hair days are a pain in the butt. All the products needed for them too!

5. Being a girl. Just for the fact that being a girl requires tons of products, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm, lip stick, nail files, hair products, wrinkle cream (when your skin starts to object to your age), body cream, hair dye, reward cards, hand bags, shoes, nice clothes, nice undies, make up, deodorant, perfume, BRA's!! the list goes on and I'm not even high maintainance!!

6. Sleep. I love sleep but sometimes it would be so nice just be able to go without it for days so I could have a good time, get drunk, recover, work, clean, shop and cook all in one go!

7. Men. Need I say more???

8. Eating. What a pain that is sometimes? Great when you have the time to sit in a nice restaurant in great company and chill but day to day? What the heck shall we have to for tea tonight and is it ok to give the kids pizza again for tea tonight??

9.Bog roll. Simply cannot live without it. I know some cultures do but we are just not used to that. Where is the magic bog roll fairy when you need it??

10. There must be another one to round it up??

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