Tuesday, 25 August 2009


What makes us love someone? or indeed what is love? we know it's that feeling we get inside when our guts do somersaults and we can't eat or sleep and we become 'sick'. We walk around with silly grins on our faces and our head in the clouds. But what is happening inside?

Endorphins and all that are released but how and why? What makes that leaping feeling in our chests when we hear t he voice of our loved one and why them? why not everyone we meet? what attracts us to them in particular? Yes, looks and traits and things they say and do help but why do some people like blondes and others like dark hair? One person is capable of finding all sorts of traits attractive so why not all traits? all shapes and sizes?

What makes a person so smitten with one person that they can't concentrate or do anything and they are consumed by thoughts of that one person all the time. Just to breathe them in again and touch them and feel them touching you. Why that person? What is it about the touch of that person that sends tingles down our spines and our hearts feel full to bursting?

How do we turn it off? How do we stop it happening? Why are some of us more prone to falling in love than others? If only we had a switch to turn it off. What happens when that love isn't reciprocated? or you can't be together like Cathy and Heathcliffe? Does Romeo (or Juliet) really exist?

We can live in hope that they do I guess and maybe one day find them. Maybe it's that thought that keeps us going from day to day that our night in shining amour is out there? Are there soul mates? Does that exist? Are there 2 halves to every person really or are we supposed to independant and having a partner just enhances our lives? Obviously without them we would not necessarily be able to have children, although these days you don't need a man to get pregnant!

And why does that feeling of utter love desolve over time? why can't it last forever? What's that all about?

How would we survive without it? Can we actually die of a broken heart. I do believe we can and do suffer physical pain due to heartbreak and loss but why? I suppose if that feeling of love lasted then so would the feeling of pain and that's just not a nice concept. But the feeling of loss and pain does seem to last months and sometimes years, longer than the feeling of love ever could I think. But why? What is it inside? Is it our brains that perpetuates the feelings so we suffer longer? Can we talk ourselves into feeling better? Well, yes to a certain extent thanks to behaviouralk therapy etc but I believe there are people out there who cannot move forward and hold a candle for that love of their lives forever and never love again. What if by accident that happens to yourself and then you are stuck in limbo for the rest of your life?......

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