Friday, 30 April 2010

Glutten for punishment

Well I ran albeit on the treadmill for 5 k's today. And it nearly killed me!! Well thats a little dramatic but I was feeling a little faint!!
The race for life is in 10 days time and I'm determined to run it all. We'll see how I get on. Then it's the moon walk in Edinburgh and then I can finally get my teeth into biking!!!

I love covering loads of miles and seeing tons of things and places and it gives me such a buzz, plus I sometimes get to call in at the pub. Always a bonus!

My bike has a sticker on it which says 'runs on apples and bananas'. Mine should say 'runs on merlot and curry'!!!


l'optimiste said...

hee hee - mine says 'runs on Pinot Grigio and cigarettes and occasionally crashes...oops!

purpletrumpet said...

:-) and cake ooh and icecream! And I wonder why I've got a fat arse!!