Thursday, 13 May 2010

mmm maybe it's because I'm on days....

Just thinking whether feeling this good is actually to do with being on days and off nights after 4 years???

Back to nights soon though :-( bugger.

One thing I've noticed recently I've been saying the word 'twat' rather a lot.

I accosted a high school yobo playing havoc on the roads on his way home (surrounded by lots of people) and proceeded to call him a 'twat'. Bad move.

He called me a 'pussy' lots of times. But I wasn't the one who had a leather purse round my neck!!

I find myself saying the word all the time. It's like I have 'twat tourettes' Including calling myself one.

Twat twat twat twat twat repeat as necessary.


l'optimiste said...

oh dear..I have that problem too - I have 'parrot' syndrome...I copy everyone else's curse words!! I am currently in 'tosser' mode...this is a Northern thing.

I really MUST stop it!

purpletrumpet said...

Can we swap curse words for a bit!!!! Just for fun