Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Will power

A day off training today. My knees are sore :-(

I’m doing more admin. Crikey this fundraising lark is a full time job! And what a fab job it is. I’m very nervous but excited at the same time.

I’ll feel better when I have reached the £1000 mark I think.

There are good and bad things about being at home all day:

going out to shops and spending too much money.

going out to shops and getting bargains for cycling in!

watching crap tv.

watching crap tv!!

eating too much.

having to fight the urge to sleep!!

Being cold :-(

drinking too much tea and avoiding water!

One fantastic thing about all this exercise is I sleep so well now. I rarely dream these days and that is fantastic. My dreams could sometimes be quite disturbing. I wake up before the alarm too :-*

Not done that for years!!!

I got 2 freebies today too, think I’ll buy a lottery ticket later and maybe………well you never know. Good things come in 3’s eh??

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