Thursday, 10 June 2010

Emotional high

Well, what’s been happening?

I managed to get in the paper, the Derby Evening Telegraph ran a piece on me doing the Race for Life at Darley Park. Which was good. Hope it managed to generate some interest to other readers and got them to sign up!

I’ve also booked a cake sale at the hospital and a friend from work volunteered to help me with it! Got some groovy things to help sell the cakes too.


Hopefully for the leg waxing night we will be having a band and I have sent out begging letters asking for raffle prizes. Nothing back yet but it’s early days.

I’ve also bagged a bike’athon at my gym when they have an open day in August.

I made some cakes the other day and got about £10 in my tin for them! Someone asked if Hope had helped decorate them! 'Nope ‘twas I! I need some lessons!

I was pledged £50 yesterday too. I was very touched but alas was thinking about it so much and fundraising etc that I knocked a guys wing mirror off his car so now have to pay for that :-o

Darn it.

A colleague gave me a bag of clothes his daughter wanted rid of and most of them were very ebayable so I sat last night doing that. Let’s hope it brings in some dosh!

I’ve just reached over £200 now so am chuffed.

Hopefully the leg wax, cake stand and cycle thon will add to that total nicely!

Also hope Spain or Argentina win the World Cup as they are the 2 teams I have left over in the sweepstake!


Moonwalk next Sat eeek but at least I’ll get to see the Broadleys:-)

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l'optimiste said...

yay! go girl - bah to the wing mirror...almost as bad as my £100 clamp fine for a 3 minute stop...grr ;o)

This fund raising is like a full time job! Need valium!