Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Phew at last back on the bike!

I didn’t think I was ever going to get back on it!

The bruises are finally subsiding thanks to arnica!


Day one and painful.


Day 5 and looking awful and feeling painful!


Day 6 and thankfully pain is subsiding at last!!


Think I had the equivalent  of a ten  mile an hour car crash! Sure I had concussion too. Felt really weird for days. Nothing new there.

Wasn’t sure I’d get back on the bike for ages but finally managed it on Monday.

Hope and I zipped off to my brothers and we headed down the canal from Stretton to Shobnall and had a tootle round Branston water park and the kids had a play on the swings.

The banks were strewn with lots of fowl babies. So cute.

DSCF0383 DSCF0385


so lovely to see. And of course we were very respectful and passed them carefully and didn’t frighten them.

We had lunch at The Bridge Inn at Branston.22730141

Beautiful real Italian food made by the Italian owner. Wonderful.

The trip was enough for Hope’s little legs as we headed back to Stretton via Shobnall playing fields.

I’m looking forward to getting back on track with my fitness regime. It’s the moonwalk in Edinburgh in 3 weeks time so when that is over I can concentrate on biking full stop!!

I’ve had the local media ringing me about being in the paper which is cool. For the Race for Life, so hopefully I’ll be in the paper for that really soon.

The fundraising isn’t going too well but people are trying to help out which is nice. A colleague made a cake at work and charged 20 p a slice which went down really well. How lovely is that?

Next year will be full on fundraising as people think it’s too far away just yet to even part with their money I guess. Plus I have so many other events coming up they can’t keep track!

I’m looking for a mountain bike now so I can do the Chase properly and hopefully not injure myself this time!

What a numpty.

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