Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chuffin annoying stuff.

What is bugging me today? Well, the bloody rain for a start. Trying to get out the house with a stroppy 7 year old is bad enough but when there's rain involved too, well.....
I'm so very bored I'm resorting to ironing and cleaning!!!

Fruit: how bloody annoying. Just been shopping and the stuff goes off in a nano second. Going to shops with said sprog results in much pestering, arguing and falling out so getting fresh fruit everyday is a pain!!

Other peoples children raiding my fridge!!!! Boot up the behind. Adious amigos!! Cheeky buggers.
Anyway I resetting the day and starting again. Shower and out the house to pay in some lovely lolly to my fund from 2 very special people who helped by one of them being waxed. Thanks to Dave and Becky Brant. Bloody good friends x


l'optimiste said...

Fruit?? buy chocolate - it last ages [if you don't eat it that is].
7 year olds and rain - buy a blow up pool. Put it up. Fill it. Send 7 year old out to play [they don't care about rain]. Watch with glass of wine in hand...

fab friends! :o)

purpletrumpet said...

This 7 year old does! And you're right about chocolate. It wouldn't last a day!! Out the house today and in less pain so that's always a good thing!! But it feels like autumn. Wtc?? Life is better today