Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I watched a programme the other day where this 15 year old boy played the piano like he'd Bern playing all his life. He wrote his own piece to play plus could listen to something then play it back straight away. He said the notes were like colours in his mind. He had no desire to play the piano, ever but just knew he could do it so when he tried it he was a natural.

Why has he got this ability? How does he do it? What if we had talents we didn't know about that were hidden? How do we get them out? People practice for years and don't come half way near his talent. Should they give up? Should they persevere even if it takes over their lives and makes them feel bad?

I always wanted a chocolate Labrador but couldn't afford it. I wanted one for years, then I finally got one and it wasn't at all as I expected. She was hard to train, dirty, hairy and smelly but I knew that because I grew up with labradors but then I guess mum always did the cleaning stuff and hoovering. It shattered my dream and left me feeling a tad let down.

Same as parenthood. Thought I was going to be earth mother, all singing all dancing yummy mummy. Erm, no. I do the basics. It's not how I imagined.
I always wanted to be a writer but don't have the discipline to sit and write and it always sounds better In my head!

I don't have any talents I know of as yet but I'd love to be able to sing, dance, climb, play piano, guitar, whisper to horses! Does everyone harbour secret desires like this? Do they day dream of being great artists, singers, pianists whatever??

Why are sone people good at things they hate doing as well? Accountants who are excellent with figures but hate accounting who dream of being marine biologists but failed miserably at biology at school. Or the cook who dreams of being a singer but is tone deaf? Why do we dream about things which are out of our reach?

The mother who hates being a mother while the childless woman prays for a baby. There's not a lot you can do about it once you have children, a child. They are not like dogs who can be re-homed if you find it's not to your satisfaction or you split up so the dog has to go. A child is for life.

Why then doesn't the childless lady just say 'ok, I can't have kids, what shall I do now?' she doesn't. She will drive herself nuts thinking about it and trying over and over for that elusive baby. Human minds, your best friend or your worst enemy.

I always thought if you got what you thought you wanted that would be it. Settle down, chill. What if what you thought you wanted isn't what you need though?

Why do we get what we want but not what we need?
How do we know what we need?


l'optimiste said...

we don't - but we can make the best of what we have in order to enjoy every moment. Or we can bemoan our fate and waste a LOT of time...

me, I enjoy every moment - even though I will never be a Sugar Lump Lorry Driver ;)

purpletrumpet said...

you have something I don't possess indeed Sandhy. Not sure how to get it........I need to shut my brain off.