Wednesday, 1 December 2010

House arrest

Well today started out with sick! Cocoa pops consumed then advent calendar sweet then little girl heads upstairs to the boys bedroom and puked on the duvet and the shag pile rug!!lovely. Wouldn't be so bad but no washing machine in the house. That was due to be delivered today a d considering there had been another 4 inches of snow overnight, I thought it was highly unlikely it would be here today. So I set about washing the sick off what I could before number one son puked from the smell of it.
Ithen went out to clear the path just in case the delivery guys managed to get here as the path up to the house is high and lots of steps and slippy!
Just as I was clearing the path the delivery men arrived and bless them they managed to get the machine in and plumbed it in and the old one out! I gave them cake to take with them as they refused a cuppa because there was so many other deliveries to do, they didn't have time.
Yay now I Can wash pukey stuff!
Went out to finish clearing the path when grandparents arrived with much needed milk and bread and other goodies!
Hurrah successful day!
Only thing missing is vino! Thought it may be a bit inappropriate to ask the grandparents to stick a bottle of cab sav in!!

Oh well there is always a snifter or 2 of port to be had :-)

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