Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mamma Mia

Here we go again.....rudely awoken by the eldest children shouting 'she's gonna puke, Nita, she's gonna puke'! Which sure enough she did. Poor wee sausage.
Luckily a friend of Richards (the man if the house) came over to entertain the boys a bit and bless him, he cleared the drive for me to try and get my car on it as the streets ate chocker with snow. I went down to
Move my car but no avail. The tyres just skid like a dog on Lino. I daren't move it in case it gets stuck in a worse place. At least it's not in the way there. Knead hoping to be able to nip to the shop for a sneaky bottle of plonk! Port again tonight!!

The boys came back from the park and were more hyper than yesterday! Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get out to somewhere as long as Edie is not being sick we should be able to. Only 2 more days to try and entertain them thankfully. We had dominoes pizza for a treat tonight, how expensive??? The boys asked for pepperoni but actually only Finlay likes it so the other 2 picked the sausage off then didn't actually eat it anyway!

They shall have it for lunch and tea tomorrow as well!

Edie wanted to watch Mamma Mia yet again so we subjected to that. If I didn't know the words to Abba songs then I do now!!
There is supposed to be more snow tonight :-/ and it's really comd out there which won't be good if it freezes as it's harder to drive on frozen snow :-@ looks like I may be here for some time!!

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