Friday, 3 December 2010


Today is freezing everywhere I think but I can see some sign s of a melt happening.
The boys are falling out every hour or so and I think that's normal? I wouldn't know I only have one child! The little girl is a sweety and much better today. No chundering and being cute and cheeky. I love her Scottish accent. So cute. I've painted her nails, not sure mum would approve but there's always nail varnish remover 8-0
The boys are meant to be going for a sleep over if Rich's friend can make it without too much hassle. If not I may be in for a tricky evening!!! Bribery may be the way forward I feel!
I'm very much making myself at home here. I'm drinking their booze, eating their food, wearing the lady of the houses socks and cardigans (s'ok she's my best mate) wearing the man of the houses slippers, my feet are like blocks if ice!! Good job they have a new washing machine or I'd have to wear her pants and jeans! Well I wouldn't actually as she is 2 sizes smaller than me! Wouldn't that be a hoot. I'd have to wear Richards extra large track suit bottoms. Gorgeous!! Perish the thought.
I was going to attempt a trip to the cinema but it's bloomin freezing and slippy out there. I'm bad enough on 2 feet without adding ice to the picture!!

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