Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Perv doctor update.

He has since killed himself. Surprise surprise!!

His wife has been interviewed over his death and said they were rebuilding their lives and trying to ‘move on’. Move on?? From being struck off for being a perv? For having child porn on his computer?

She said ‘he was very sorry for what he had done’, oh that’s ok then!! She also said "When it's all over the paper, you cannot put it under the carpet. But I loved him and we had to get through this. It wasn't easy.” Sweep it under the carpet? For the love of God!!!

I was bloody furious! He topped himself because he knew he was facing jail time. More people were coming forward to give evidence against him. He knew he was in deep trouble. He must have brainwashed her like he did some of his poor patients.

People actually sent condolences to his wife saying he was a great doctor and he will be sadly missed. Well that’s as may be however would they say the same if he had pictures of their children on his computer? What if it were their daughter he had assaulted?

He’s a great doctor so it’s ok to assault people. If you are a great nurse is it ok to abuse patients then?



C said...

I totally agree. Good points eloquently made and you're right to feel furious. The media report things in such an irresponsible way. Wee done for your bravery.

purpletrumpet said...

Thank you :-)