Monday, 25 August 2008

bit of a dirty bitch

Along the lines of why men do the things they do (vomiting, g strings and x boxs). Why are some women in built to clean all the time? I don't mean like the average woman who hoovers a bit and keeps things clean, I mean the women who hoover everyday and mop everyday, sometimes twice a day!!! What's that all about?

I was working a night shift with 4 obsessive compulsive cleaners one night and the subject got on to cleaning and the fact that one of them mops twice a day, the rest at least once a day. One of them has 2 dogs and the dogs get their feet wiped with baby wipes on coming back into the house when they have been out in the garden. They get their bums baby wiped too when they have pooped!!

I felt so scutty and filthy that when I got home after my shift I actually had to go mop the floor. I can't remember the last time I did it. It's just too much hassle. I can't be arsed to find my slippers to out on so I don't get wet feet when I've done it. Someone always lets the dogs in and they paddle all over it. Hope always comes in no matter how many times I tell her to stay out and skids onto her bum and then cries about it at least once.

When I get my new kitchen I may feel differently about it but I can't be arsed to care for a floor that I think is minging. However having said that the conservatory floor is new and I don't bother about that either. But then I purposefully had a dark floor so it wouldn't show the muck.

Now the bathroom on the other hand is different. It's white and therefore shows every bit of muck up. Now I'm a bit of a green freak so bleach was banned in the house. That is until the white bathroom arrived. I ran into a spot of bother though with getting the bleach on my clothes and as I'm a lazy badger I can't be arsed to change clothes to clean and then back again.

I asked the 'obsessives' at work what they cleaned with and a resounding 'bleach' was thrown back at me. So I asked if they wore 'cleaning clothes' and the one that didn't said she cleaned the bathroom in the nude!! Excellent idea. So I tried it. How fantastic. The only problem is his nibs thinks it's another 'sex' oppurtunity particularly when the plug hole needs cleaning!!

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