Thursday, 28 August 2008

lazy buggers and bad manners

I absolutely hate people who will not help themselves when they can. It's a real bug bear of mine. I was reading in the paper today in IKEA (has anyone out there every been to ikea and spent under £50???!!!) over a cup of free coffee(if you have one of those family card things coffee is free!!). It tells me that '1 in 7 children in Britain live in a household where no-one works' I can't bloody believe it. I can believe that those stastitics involve single parents where it's bloomin hard working for a minimum wage and having to pay for child care. However how many single parents work harder to better themselves to make a life for their kids?

I work a job that I am fortunate enough to have the time off to walk my child to school and back but it does mean I miss out on valuable sleep but that's the price I pay in order to be there for my child. I'm fortunate enough to have a job that pays quite well but what if it was only minimal wage? I guess I could still do it but I wouldn't have too much money and I'm the bread winner as well at times so for the hours I work I am fortunate enough to bring in fair amounts.

I'm not fortunate enough that my husband doesn't earn enough for me to stay at home and do what I like but think I may well go mad (madder) than if I didn't work. Working affords me contact with colleagues and have a chat and care for people. I think if I didn't go to work I wouldn't have that social contact. That would be weird as I'm a very social person.

I have been out of work before I became a nurse so I know what it is like to be looking and turned down time after time and then work for a pittance. One job I had didn't even cover the cost of petrol to get there and back. But I dare not work as mum would have gone mad!!

I was brought up to have a work ethic so why haven't these people in this country also? The majority of the UK was working class a few years ago but even the 'lower' classes worked menial jobs. If they didn't their family went hungry. But we don't have to worry about that now. We only have to worry about the fact they are going to become fat coz they've been brought up on iceland food and sugar while they're parents use their 'benefits' to buy fags and beer because they need they to help with the 'stress'.

These people drive me mad they are the ones that can work and just can't be arsed. They plead 'depression' or 'back pain'. When the people who really are suffering from those conditions are genuine it gives them a bad name. It's incredibly hard to get permenant benefits for having long term conditions so how on earth do these 'fakers' pull it off? Maybe they are good liers and don't feel guilty about lying. But how can they live with themselves?

These people are probably from the same mould as the people who don't wear seatbelts!!!

Obesity is another reason some people can't work these days. They blame their knees or their backs for the problem. Some of them ride round in those motorized scooters. And continue to do nothing about their 'problem' but perpetuate it. His nbs said yesterday that he didn't remember seeing so many fat people about. At school obese kids were in the minority and now they seem to be in the majority.

It also seems as a nurse that people won't look after themselves but wait 'til things go wrong before people will do something about it or they expect the NHS to pick up the pieces and mend them only for them to go out and carry on with their lives as they have done before and change nothing. Maybe people have always been like this. I just haven't noticed it?

I saw a programme where parents were told 'your child is fat' and they protested at the horror and 'how dare you say that' but the softly softly approach does not work as the parents themselves confirmed. They had been to several 'specialists' and told different things about their childs weight problem when in actual fact it is the fact that the child eats shite and their parents over feed them and they don't do any exercise and give in to them when they pester for shite food all the time. When I was a kid we would get a ten pee mix on a friday at grannys and a packet of crisps if we were lucky. We were never allowed lemonade (magic water) or even matey (because it was too expensive!) but my daughter has her own cupboard at my grans and it overflows with cakes/biscuits etc. I know that's what grannies are for but apart from the fact it makes her bonkers she won't then eat properly and it causes such a nightmare.

I must admit I used to be skinny and am sadly not any more but I'm trying to do something about it because I need to practice what I preach and it is hard. Food is accessible and it's not like a alcoholic who can avoid bars and pubs or a smoker who avoids other smokers. People eat all the time and if we go out for the day and eat out I bloody well refuse to pay 6 or 7 quid for a bloody salad!!!!

I understand why people use drink and drugs to relieve pain/depression/emotional anguish but surely as an adult the consequences are known so therefore why do it? Why smoke in front of your kids when you know what it can do to them? I heard one women say on the radio that no-one has the right to tell her where and when and in front of who she could smoke but at last non-smokers have some rights. It's much nicer to go in a pub and not come out stinking. Smokers have had the upper hand for a long time why can't non smokers have it? That's another debate.

I am self righteous I know but I'm not perfect. I will always do as I say. I will try my best and work hard and I have good morals and manners. Does that make me a bad person? Does it make me a bad person that I don't want my daughter brought up in an area where parents shout and swear at each other when the kids fall out and the kids don't get disciplined for bad behaviour, where the kids smoke and spit and swear (and even shag) before they are 12 and that it's ok to live off the state if you want?

Britain used to be poor but we never had such lazy buggers and bad manners as we do now. The country and the people don't owe these people a life, a living or or indeed anything. These people owe the country and the rest of the tax payers something, a contribution however small. Sadly the waster Mick Philpot comes from Derby and I see him in his NEW minibus everyday taking his kids to school (not his local one I might add oh no he uses his petrol to drive them to a school near us) this guy does not work and has about 18 kids, how the bloody hell does he afford a new minibus???

I cannot bear these types of people and I hope something (like alien invasion giving them a lobotomy) will happen in the near future before this country really does go to the dogs.

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