Wednesday, 27 August 2008

new words and nattering

I don't work too often and sometimes I don't see people for ages so when we do get together we have or try to have a good old natter which sometimes can lead to trouble and sometimes leads to gaining knowledge and learning new words.

With regard to anttering leading to trouble, one particular night we were being a bit raucous and naughty and one of the crew wasn't best pleased with how we were acting or in particular what i was saying. So 2 weeks later I was told by this person that she wasn't too impressed with me and that I was very unprofessional. Fair enough each to their own. But what I was wondering was when did this person decide to have a word? After 2 weeks thinking about it, was it eating her up at home? was it really that important that it needed mentioning? Do most people go home after a shift and stew on something that has been said? I know I do. And usually it means nothing and we go home or away from that person or event and stew over it and blow it out of proportion and make it all seem a whole lot worse that it was in the first place and make life harder for ourselves. I don't mean to belittle the person who thought I was in the wrong but maybe it wasn't as bad as they originally thought it was. Maybe half the time we should just let things go? otherwise our feelings and what we say just makes things/relations worse????

Why then do some people have the ability not to do that? Some people can just let it ride out and nothing bothers them or is it that they don't experience things that bother them? Not really sure. As it happens on this particular incidence it was suggested I should know better (true) and perhaps I wasn't being a very good influence to a particular member of staff, as she was reasonably new to the unit. How not true is that (you know who you are!!) and she's a very naughty lady who doesn't need any encouragement to be naughty!!!!

I digress. One particular night not so long ago we were all sitting nattering. It wasn't particularly busy so we were catching up on paper work and going over a new computer system (and I learnt something new which was very handy) and one of the girls was doing something with her patient. We saw her on the side of the unit with no patients on in the dark riffling through the draws and we asked her what she was up to. She turned around and said she couldn't find 'a twatting spigot' well we just creased up. No-one made a move to help the poor girl we just couldn't help ourselves with laughter. 'Twatting' what an excellent word. It sounded so good coming from this particular girl as well. I'd heard it before of course as in 'twatting around' but not when used with an inanimate object.

Some nurses are naughty and indeed we don't need any encouragement to be naughty. But I think sometimes we can't take ourselves too seriously considering the job we do and the stuff we see. So I think some twatting about is the order of the day. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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