Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Xbox shannigans

This morning I had my instructions to stay in until his nibs' precious x box was redelivered (redelivered because I went out friday and forgot it was coming his nibs was not happy!). It got to one o'clock and I'm just about managing to amuse myself and the phone rings. It's UPS and they have Bruces parcel there waiting collection. He apparently rang UPS friday after he realised it hadn't been delivered and said he would collect it saturday but forgot he was working saturday so rang back to say never mind what he just said deliver it tuesday as planned, hence me having to stay in.....

So i tear Hope away from her mates with the promise of a happy meal and after half an hour of trying to get out the door (Hope won't get changed, one of her friends can't find her top as they've been wearing Hopes play outfits and the other one can't find her shoes and is mad coz Hope says she won't call for her when she gets back so pushes Hope over and Hope starts crying.....) we finally get in the car for the 13 or so mile journey to the UPS depot. I have taken my driving license and bill but forgotten to take the tracking number so the bloke at the depot can't find it. I have visions of having to wait in another day or having to come back again and am not best pleased.

My hero at the depot does however find the offending package but i think i might string his nibs along a bit and when he rings me to see if his precious baby has been safely retrieved I say (without laughing) that they couldn't find it and I may have to come back as the parcel may be on the truck for redelivery etc etc and I'm stringing him along nicely when Hope pipes up. 'Mum what are you talking about? you've got the xbox already it's under your arm!'

Big mouth.

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