Tuesday, 30 November 2010

snow snow snow

I drove up to Falkirk yesterday in the snow (not a good idea)The M6 was fine up to Shap and then oh boy, even I was nervous driving through it. One lane open and 20 tonne trucks overtaking me!!! Nutters. All very well for them, they could squash me like a fly and wouldn't even realise it!

It got a bit hairy on the m80 took, after I'd taken a wrong turn through some road works and ended up on an industrial estate then found my way back thanks to satnav!! It was getting very late. Just after midnight I managed to get back on track but then ground to a halt wehn a car got stuck and needed towing out the way. The other lanes were blocked with snow and we had to wait for the plow to come and clear a path.

We only had to wait 15 minutes or so and then on the way again. The SatNav is telling me 'at the next roundabout take the second exit' What roundabout??? I couldn't even see one! Thank goodness it was late and there were no other cars about.

Buy twenty to 1 I managed to get to muy destination but then there was a problem of where to leave the car! I tried, in vain, to get the car up the road to my friends house but got stuck, so I reversed out and tried the next street but there was nowhere to park. The pavements are covered in 2 foot of snow so I couldn't even put it out the way! I attempted to put the car 'out the way' a little but realised it perhaps wasn't the best place then tried to reverse out.....erm nope that wasn't going to happen! Forward?? erm nope that wasn't going to happen either. I got out the car and checked I wasn't totally blocking the road or drives and it seemed ok and it was nearly 1a.m so thought f it and left it! When the snow clears it may well be parked in the middle of the road!

My friends had gone to bed and I was pretty bushed myself so hit the hay. It had been a long drive, concentrating so had for so long (no puns please!)

Trudy (whom I am visiting) turns 40 today and her husband had booked a hotel and flights to Marrakesh for it. Her parents were supposed to fly up and look after the kids but the airport is closed and not surprisingly won't drive up. So I thought I would!!! It can't be that bad can it?? er yeah 3 foot of snow everywhere! The roads are a nightmare and the schools are closed too it's that bad!

It's bloomin freezing and I've raided Trudys wardrobe already for winter woolies and nicked Richards slippers as mine are in the car. I couldn't manage to carry everything up the hill last night in the snow so left behind unessentials. Turns out slippers are essential as my feet are like ice!!! And I'm totally unsuitably dressed for the weather too. I thought I was prepared but sadly not.

Trude and Rich are at the airport now and have checked in but their plane is 'indefinately delayed' so it looks like we'll have to have a house party instead!!! yay.

Right must be off and entertain children!!


Kate said...

Oh, I know. The snow! Our car's completely stuck. We're having to walk everywhere. It's very good for me! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

Kate said...

By the way, I tried to follow you but the tab isn't working properly. Enjoy your party.

purpletrumpet said...

Sadly no house party! Only me and the bairns as the parents I presume have managed to make it to Marrakech. Lucky things. It's 19 degrees at the mo there!
We had 4 inches more snow last night and the kids will be off for the rest of the week. What fun!
There is only so much starwars one can take!

purpletrumpet said...

My names Anita by the way x