Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Made it back alive.

Well, I made it back from Scotland alive. My car was eventually freed by a tow from Richards friend, thank goodness but it's now making a decidedly funny noise so needs looking at. Which will no doubt cost money! Money that I haven't got. It's quite busy at work so there is extra shifts but it's trying to fit them in without missing out on too much sleep......

It was lovely being away from home in a way as I forgot all about bills, money, work, how much I have to do etc etc and now I'm back it's all back again. Its not the same cleaning your own house as it is cleaning someone else's that's for sure. I hate cleaning my own yet didn't mind doing Trudy's house as I knew how grateful she would be that it was clean and tidy when she got back. The stack of ironing in the lounge is enough to send me running alone!!!

I also dread the prospect of doing so many nights. They leave me feeling absolutely rubbish and then it impacts on my home life and I have a short fuse and get really grumpy and cannot be bothered to get dressed let alone do anything else!

I do love this weather if we were prepared for it like other countries are. My car certainly doesn't like this weather at all. The cats aren't so keen either and we've had to put cat litter tray down again as they keep pee'ing in the house!! It was -15 when I came home from work yesterday morning and one of the little blighters had pee'd on the settee!! The cushions of the settee are huge and it had gone all the way through! Little bugger.

My hubby was off yesterday so we decided to go out for a bit together as we haven't seen a great deal of each other recently. Nipped to Costco where I bought some supplies for the cake sale in a couple of weeks time. Then I couldn't get what I needed so we headed into town. I was dressed for the Arctic and the Westfield centre is always overheated so I could only last an hour there before melting! We then had an impromptu visit to the pub and had fish and chips for lunch and I had a lovely big glass of Malbec! Needless to say when I got home I went straight to bed and didn't wake up until 10p.m! My poor daughter has hardly seen me in a week and won't be too chuffed that I have to go to work tonight either and potentially tomorrow as well!!

Still when the devil drives..........


l'optimiste said...

oh nooo - you too? bills, work, no sleep, freezing cold etc is exhausting isn't it? let's hope for better things in the new year.

I am so looking forward to meeting you :)

purpletrumpet said...

me too Sandhy :0) xx